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So Much Sanitizing

Before March of 2020 most of us did not think about sanitizing the way that we do today. Sure we washed our hands after going to the bathroom and maybe we even carried hand sanitizer around in case we touched something gross. Skip to January 2021 – COVID continues and  hand sanitizing and disinfecting are now a part of everything we do. 

Good thing Eddie’s offers 2 oz sprays that provide 200 uses and 8 oz sprays that offer 800 uses per bottle.

At Eddie’s Clean Hands we are dedicated to the health of you and your family. To assist our customers we created a resource of weekly sanitizing tips to give best practices during these unprecedented times.

Here are some of articles that you may want to revisit as COVID numbers continue to surge:

  • Sanitizing In The Workplace – While some may still be able to work from home, many are back in the office. Follow these tips to stay safe at the office.
  • Back To School Best Practices – If your kid is back in the classroom this article can help you prepare to send them off to school and worry a little less.
  • Sanitizer On The Go – It’s 9 months later and quarantine may no longer be an option. As you are out and about consider these commonly touched surfaces that are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.
  • Disinfecting Your Car – Now that you are back out and about be sure to pay attention to the cleanliness of the medium that gets you from potentially infected point A to B.
  • Safe Grocery Shopping – Grocery shopping is a necessity that most of us cannot avoid even during these uncertain times.

You can check out these articles and many others on our sanitizing tips blog and even subscribe to have our content emailed to you weekly. 

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