Sanitizer On The Go

Everyday you open doors, swipe screens, shake hands and come into contact with other high touch surfaces. All of this contact exposes you to bacteria, fungi and viruses which can cause illness. With the ongoing threat of COVID-19 coupled with the encroaching flu season, it is more important than ever to be prepared with hand sanitizer everywhere you go.

Eddie’s Clean Hands provides 2 oz travel hand sanitizers that fit into your purse, backpack, or even your pocket. It is suggested that you sanitize your hands in many everyday circumstances such as:

  • After going to the gas station – gas pumps and keypads come into contact with a plethora of unknown people
  • Spray your hands after opening your mail and packages – those didn’t arrive without being passed through a few hands
  • Sanitize your shopping cart handle before you shop and your hands after shopping
  • Anytime you use a credit card keypad – just think of the hundreds of people a day who have been using those same buttons
  • At work throughout the day – you unconsciously touch door knobs, cabinet handles, sink faucets and the toilet which your coworkers also touch

These are just a few of the most common examples of how germs spread but there are many more. Protect yourself and your family by stocking up on our travel size hand sanitizers now while they are 40% off!