Protecting Yourself from COVID-19 After Holiday Celebrations

Despite recommendations to avoid travel over the Thanksgiving holiday, almost 1.2 million people passed through U.S. airports Sunday, the most since the pandemic gripped the country in March, and others took to the highways to be with family and friends. Travelers are being urged to watch for any signs of illness and get tested right away if they experience symptoms.

Whether you traveled or not, the projections of COVID-19 growth are trending upwards so extra sanitization precautions are recommended for everyone. While you may have opted to stay home you can still come in contact with others who did travel and have a higher risk of infection.

Here are some tips for protecting yourself and others from COVID-19 post holiday:

  • If you did travel it is recommended to quarantine yourself for 14 days and be tested for COVID-19 5 days after returning home
  • In public utilize an alcohol based sanitizer such as Eddie’s Clean Hands to disinfect commonly touched surfaces such as shopping cart handles, door knobs and toilet handles
  • Use Eddie’s hand sanitizer regularly after touching commonly shared surfaces such as credit card keypads, gas pump handles as well as mail and packages
  • Keep a 2 oz bottle of Eddie’s on hand throughout the day while at work or school where you share door knobs, cabinet handles and restroom facilities with a number of people

No matter where you go or what you do it is always a good idea to have a bottle of Eddie’s multi-purpose sanitizing spray with you. It has a 75% alcohol based solution and can be used on your hands as well as surfaces.

With one major holiday down and more around the corner, it is a good time to order a multi-pack of Eddie’s spray to make sure you never leave home without it. While you are at it, order extra gifts for your friends and family. In 2020 the gift of sanitization really shows you care!