Disinfecting If You Have a Sick Person In Your Home

Everybody is doing their best to stay healthy and keep Coronavirus out of their homes. But what if somebody in your household contracts COVID-19? The CDC recommends taking extra precautions to clean and disinfect your household areas. 

  • The person who is sick should stay separated from other people in the home, using a separate bedroom and bathroom, if possible.
  • You can provide Eddie’s multi-purpose disinfecting spray to the person who is sick so they can clean their own space if they’re able.
  • If you are sharing a bathroom with a sick person, they should clean and disinfect the space after each use. Ask them to use Eddie’s hand sanitizer before entering the shared space.
  • If the sick person is unable to clean and disinfect the bathroom after each use, you should wait as long as possible before cleaning and disinfecting for them. 

As the pandemic closes in on a year of taking extra safety precautions, it is easy to get a false sense of security if nobody you know has contracted COVID-19. Follow our blog for all you need to know to prevent the transmission of the virus and always have plenty of Eddie’s sanitizing spray on hand in case of the worst. 

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