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Safe Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is a necessity that most of us cannot avoid even during these uncertain times. With a little preparation and a few best practices for preventing the spread of COVID 19, you can ensure continued good health for yourself and your family. 

Here are a few things that can make your trip to the grocery store as safe as possible.

  1. Carry travel size hand sanitizer with you. You can spray it on the cart handles as well as your hands before and after shopping.
  2. Plan your shopping list before you go to the store to get in and out as safely as possible
  3. Always wear a mask while shopping
  4. Avoid touching your face while shopping
  5. Once you get home throw away all outer bags and then sanitize your hands again
  6. Sanitize all surfaces that the bags touched

Grocery shopping safely requires some preparation and time. Eddie’s Clean Hands makes this process easier by offering 2 oz travel hand sanitizer as well as 8 oz bottles that are perfect for cleaning your home in an undiluted form. Eddie’s alcohol based sanitizers contain 75+% alcohol antiseptic which will kill germs, bacteria and viruses on all surfaces.

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