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Helping Kids Understand Coronavirus

Whether through the news, social media, school or friends, it’s likely your child will hear about the coronavirus often. It is normal for kids to feel anxious about the coronavirus with so much change happening around them. 

To help your children through this difficult time it is important to:

  • Check in and give children the opportunity to ask questions. Parents can have these conversations around the dinner table or when driving together in the car.
  • Monitor your child’s media exposure. With so much information on the Coronavirus out there, It is important your child understands what are reputable news sources. If your child is on social media encourage them not to take news from there but rather refer to the CDC.
  • Maintain a routine and consistent schedule. Find activities your child can enjoy, even if regular activities are limited or canceled due to social distancing recommendations.
  • Put your kids in control. Teach your kids the importance of hand hygiene and disinfecting. Give them their own bottles of Eddie’s sanitizer, which can be used on hands as well as surfaces. Buy a multi-pack now during our 40% off sale so you can put one in your kid’s bedroom, bathroom and backpack.

In a situation with many unknowns, such as the spread of COVID-19, it is normal to feel worry and anxiety. Be sure to take care of yourself and lead by example. With a little preparation and communication we can all get through this together.